Web + App

Powerful control in the palm of your hands.

With our web-based platform and powerful companion app
for mobile devices, managers can now get a birds-eye view
of all their buildings at once. Login to view a snapshot of
your entire portfolio – regardless of which buildings are
fitted with VR-500™ and which ones with Stealth™. Tap on
a building’s thumbnail, and you’ll be taken to the VR-500™
or the Stealth™ dashboard, respectively.


Reliable uptime? We’ve got that down pat.

All EnTech platforms run on a cutting-edge network of redundant servers:
Local main, local backup, multiple remote backups, and dual internet servers
running side-by-side for 99.99% uptime. We’ve invested heavily in this area
and even house an IT team onsite at all times to monitor our servers and
ensure absolute reliability.

How-To Videos

Discover. Learn. Gain insight. Be amazed.


Case Studies

Read out case studies below to see
how we’ve helped clients achieve financial
savings through efficient heat control

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Active Insights

Know more at a touch and a glance.

From comprehensive graphs and data charts of stats and runtimes, to
automatic real-time e-lerts and on-demand reports, to settings overview
of boiler room sensors, water meters and apartment sensors – gain more
insight from any device.

with Entech EMS

Enjoy live monitoring by our team of energy
management experts.

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Energy Conservation

Love your planet? Give back by taking less.

EnTech’s boiler control systems empower you to consume fuel more
effectively and more responsibly. Utilizing smart weather data and human
behavior analytics in real time, our systems and services help you get more
out of every gallon. On average, an EnTech property conserves hundreds of
therms/gallons each heating season.

Control Settings

Set the stage for continued conservation

Think you need to remain actively involved to be proactive? Not necessarily. Do your part for responsible conservation by conversing energy with our system’s settings that are adjusted according to our sensors within the apartments as well as outside weather conditions.


EnTech Energy Management Service

Enjoy Even Smarter User with live control by
our team of heating experts.

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A Shared Mission

Together, you and EnTech make green happen,

Our boiler control systems help you to be good to the planet while saving
serious money. That’s how we serve a dual commitment of providing
maximum savings and positively impacting the environment by cutting
millions in fuel usage.

Dollars & Cents

Put energy money back in your pocket.

The more you maximize responsible usage, the more you
minimize your costs: Save money by minimizing boiler runtime
to cut back on consumption and fine-tuning settings with
smaller cycles, and save money, time, and headaches with our
smart pressure and flood sensors. Most notably, we know that
all property owners care about their bottom line, and so do we
– which is why we guarantee 15%-40% savings.


  • Before I signed up for the monitoring service I was not clear how you actually assist us with our heating issues during the season. I thought all I had to do was check the temperature of the building and the units and see if the building is calling for heat. Wow was I wrong. Many times I can now call and you give me insight about cycle times, and why I may be having issues with our hot water that I could not have handled on my own.

    Shamco Management
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Capital Improvement

With the market ticking up, opportunity is knocking.

As a property owner, you’re in tune with the market’s behavior and know
a smart move when you see one. If you’re refinancing your property, EnTech
represents a great opportunity to use a portion of those funds for capital

Saving with EnTech Energy Management Service

Lock in the greatest savings with the observations by our team of heating experts.

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