Why we Developed Stealth™

EnTech’s origin story is that of two young, industrious entrepreneurs in
late-1930’s Harlem. Little did they know that their modest management
firm would build out an eminent real estate portfolio over the course of
two decades, always as a family-owned enterprise. The oil crisis of the
70s made ‘energy’, ‘resources’ and ‘conservation’ common terms in
conversations with property owners and managers. The deep
inefficiency of most large-scale heating systems designed in the
pre-crisis era suddenly became very apparent. EnTech was thus born
out of timely recognition in remote boiler monitoring technology.
Rather than walk away, our technicians learned to monitor properties
by logging into their dial-up controls.

Savings were unprecedented, and tenants and supers couldn’t be
happier. And by 1997, EnTech’s standalone service was being offered
to outside management firms. Over the past two decades, we
revolutionized remote digital boiler control by developing next-gen
technologies and highly intelligent software. From there, EnTech’s
temperature continued to rise! Every single client loved the new
systems, and as of 2016 more than 5,000 buildings were outfitted
with EnTech boiler controls. EnTech products and services now
continue to redefine the benchmarks of truly people-driven customer
relations, as well as those of responsible energy use, peak fuel
savings, and powerful control onsite and off.


As a company, we stand for positive change.

EnTech is now recognized as the leader in next-generation energy control
systems. And what we stand for is as much a study into what we wouldn’t
take sitting down: things like wasteful energy use, a harmed environment, and
anything less than absolute control in the palm of property owners’ hands.

Our mission is to provide managers with the best controls available so they are
empowered to monitor, save, conserve, and positively impact the environment
by cutting millions of gallons in wasteful fuel consumption. This continues to
drive our pursuit of product improvement and return yield maximization – all
without compromise.

Team Entech.

We the people – powering the platforms

Sales Team

Yehuda Deutch
Senior Account Executive
Nicole Owsianka
Sales Coordinator
Joyce Munk
Sales Associate
Becca Sitorsky
Sales Associate

Office Team

Eric Soloff
Chief Executive Office
Simon Soloff
Sarah Epstein
Chief Operating Officer
Laura Bendayan
Director of Business Development
Izzy Friedman
Senior, Technical Services
Lisa Hersh
Accounting Manager
Heather Zoberman
Marketing Coordinator
Henny Margulies
Service & Client Relations Associate
Sherri Weinman
Service & Client Relations Associate

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Buildings NY Show 2020

April 28-29 Jacob Javitz Center.

655 West 34th Street

New York, NY 10001 Exhibiting at booth 618.

Buildings NY Show 2016

May 24-25 Jacob Javitz Center.

655 West 34th Street

New York, NY 10001 Exhibiting at booth 618.

Buildings NY Show 2016

May 24-25 Jacob Javitz Center.

655 West 34th Street

New York, NY 10001 Exhibiting at booth 618.