Feature Highlights

All the power under the EnTech hood.

Unlimited Capacity

You never stay put, and neither does EnTech. Our systems are
designed for scalability and universal adaptability, with custom
controls and modules that support unlimited ports for any
combination of resources. Shared sensors (inputs) for multiple
relays (outputs) and infinite set-points for unlimited zone-defined
temperature settings make EnTech’s the most sophisticated boiler
controls available.

Customized Solutions

Our software and interface make it easy for you to implement customized
efficiency strategies based upon any type of scenario. A few versatile control
options worth highlighting:

Method of Control

Interior temperature control can be based on various configurations, such as average or majority readings to accommodate unique building needs.


Flexible groupings tailor controls to individual buildings. Cold lines, difficult tenants, first floor shops, and other frustrating variables can be assigned specific override rules.

Weekend Settings

The system intuitively adjusts to different temperature settings based on existing schedules and set-points for easy weekend adjustments, and can maintain special schedules.

Smart Cycles

Utilizing its extensive temperature readings and advanced
intelligence, our boiler controls apply smart adjustments to run
the cycles as needed for max efficiency.

Self Diagnostics

Beyond monitoring and control, the Stealth™ is invaluable
in troubleshooting and identifying heating system inefficiencies
and malfunctions. Our customers compare it to an onsite,
24/7 service technician. This optimizes performance and
saves thousands of dollars in preventable repairs.

Compatible Heating Systems

Our products play nice with a huge range of systems.

Steam Systems

EnTech’s are the leading control systems for steam boilers of any size. It controls your boiler based on precise, indoor temperature readings and advanced system settings which can be adjusted right from your EnTech portal.

Hydronic Systems

For hydronic heating systems, the control utilizes real-time interior reading feedbacks and outdoor temperatures to precisely regulate the loop temperature, thereby minimizing boiler runtime. With ability to control multiple boilers, pumps and valves, our systems are compatible with hydronic system of all types.

Heat Exchange Systems

EnTech’s controls utilize its advanced capabilities to optimize performance of heat exchange systems. An even loop temperature is maintained by controlling the amount of steam entering the heat exchanger. This results in better system performance and functionality, more precise interior temperature control and unprecedented energy savings.

Valve Control Module

This patented module expands the system’s capabilities for one or more modulating motorized valves in both steam and vacuum systems. Percentage control capabilities make it ideal for applications such as multi-zone and multi-building setups, as well as for properties with more than one heater.

Multi Heating Plants

With expanded control capabilities and long-range wireless, the VR-500™ and Stealth™
are the ideal control systems for multi-heating plant setups. A single panel is configurable
to control multiple remote plants based on individual readings and settings.

Our systems can also connect to lead lag, staging, and alternating systems.

Add-On Components

Get the most out of your boiler control.

Addtional Wireless Sensor

Add unlimited wireless sensors that display additional apartment temperature readings throughout your building for enhanced control.

Smoke, Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas Alarm & Siren

Detects smoke, carbon monoxide or natural gas, and if any are present, sounds an audible onsite alarm and generates an e-Lert.

Oil/Gas indicator

Displays whether boiler is running on oil or gas, and generates an e-Lert if fuel type is changed.

Pressure Sensor

Measures and displays boiler pressure per square inch; included with Stealth™, optional add-on for VR-500™.

Smart Thermostats

Make it a smart duo with the Stealth and your in-unit thermostats. Integrate the suite of Honeywell Wifi and Z-Wave devices as your indoor sensors, set max temperature setpoints and be connected.

Exhaust Fan Control

Controls exhaust fan to ensure boiler room does not overheat.

Flood Sensor & Siren

Detects leaks and flooding in boiler areas, then sounds an audible onsite alarm and generates an e-Lert.

Roof Access Alarm & Siren

Detects unauthorized roof access, then sounds an audible onsite alarm and generates an e-Lerts for armed and alarm mode. Can be disabled via remote control provided to onsite personnel.

Vacuum Pump

Controls the vacuum pump, allowing the heat to continue circulating through the building following a boiler cycle.

How It Works

Monitoring, conservation and savings – built right in.


View your entire portfolio in master snapshot, and see individual building overviews with per-property snapshots.


e-Lert is our 24-hour communications platform that generates instant notifications for designated parties such as management or repair personnel. In the event of critical malfunctions like boiler failure, water loss, decreased hot water temperature or even a boiler room flood, an email or SMS e-Lert is sent including a malfunction analysis and suggested corrective action. e-Lerts are customizable from a list of available alert options with different alerts directed at various designated parties.


See more at a glance with intuitive graphs that are intelligent enough to present contextually prioritized information. Also, view up to 13 months’ worth of complete data history.


Discover behavioral boiler patterns with easy-to-read charts that help improve tenant comfort while protecting your bottom line.


Generate on-demand reports over specified periods of time that allow you to evaluate how heat changes impact your building and tenants.


From set-and-forget values to finer changes on an ongoing basis, apply and monitor settings from any device, anytime.

Archived Messaging

Track perpetual records of tickets and messages from your entire building with archived and securely backed up data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase a Stealth?

The Stealth is a high-tech energy management system that ensures comfortable heating temperatures. Our primary goal is to ensure tenant satisfaction, legal compliance and maximize fuel savings. The system is fully customizable to suit your building’s specific needs.

What does the Stealth base the heat off of?

The Stealth takes the temperatures of the outdoor sensors as well as the average of the apartment sensors into account to ensure satisfactory heat throughout the legal heating season.

What are your actual savings?

EnTech is proud to have a 15% savings guarantee. We had buildings that actually saved 35%! Feel free to contact our Sales Department at Sales@entechdigital.com for more details.