There is more to absolute peace of mind
than purchasing the latest boiler control system.

At EnTech, we take away all your extra worries by delivering top-tier services that act as the
prefect bookend to your boiler control system. We offer three levels of service to perfectly fit
your unique needs and budget: Standard, Advanced and Premium.
Each level includes all the
features offered in the prior level plus added benefits.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our exceptionally high degree of well-rounded service.
We don’t just serve our clients, but partner with them, assisting with their
control concerns.

Service Highlights

Ongoing monitoring and system maximization

The EnTech EMS team of trained technicians and efficiency experts
implements a strategy and maintains oversight and control to maximize the
positive impact of your boiler control. Usage data is constantly reassessed.
That’s how our pros bring you all the pros – without any cons.

Collaborative Strategy

Working in tandem with management, our EMS team develops a defined
savings strategy unique to your building’s conditions. We also maintain
ongoing three-way communication between your super, your manager,
and our EMS team.

Automatic Upgrades

As an EMS subscriber, you receive automatic software and system upgrades
for your Stealth™. This breathes new life into your control
with EnTech’s constant increases in system capabilities
and control features at no extra charge.


Far more than just a data collector, your EnTech
boiler control constantly analyzes and assesses
all cumulative data – as do our service reps. Based on these
advanced analytics of usage history, runtime and fuel consumption,
the system can recommend setting and system adjustments
for peak savings.

As with all electronic devices, repair and maintenance expenses arise with
usage and time. At EnTech we strive to ensure that you get the most
of your investment, which is why we offer a premium warranty
plan that provide first-rate coverage and other benefits that protect
your system long after installation. Gain peace of mind with a protection
plan bearing the trusted EnTech name; our warranty could
quickly pay for itself with just one covered repair.

Our Extended Warranty provides full coverage for repairs and service calls resulting
from failure of the control and/or its components due to operational, mechanical,
or electrical malfunction stemming from defects in materials, workmanship
or expected wear and tear. Coverage includes all associated labor fees and
replacement parts, without an out-of-pocket deductibles or annual claim maximums.

If a Service Call Authorization is received by our Repair Department by 10:00 AM,
we guarantee service by the very next business day for system operational repairs.

Every new  Stealth™ installation includes our complimentary coverage
for the first full year. Extended Warranty contracts represent coverage that kicks
in after the initial 12 months.

Tech Check

Like a shot of espresso for your system.

Developed by EnTech’s finest engineers, our Tech Check follows a
protocol of “review and optimize” to ensure that each element of
your heating and hot water resources function at peak ability. This
is performed in anticipation of a new heating season.

Your System, Like New

A certified EnTech technician visits your building to test and
perform routine maintenance on all sensors and wiring. Mechanics
sometimes move things around during visits, so we return your
system to its just-installed condition. We also upgrade boiler room
operating guides for the use of supers and other personnel.

Rebate Services

Helping you maximize available programs.

A combination of rebate programs may be available from Con Edison,
National Grid and PSE&G at many given times. While these rebates
are unpredictable and prone to constant change, EnTech handles all
paperwork when such programs become available.