Taking Stealth™ power
and technology further.

Applying everything we’ve learned over the years, in the control industry, EnTech’s
top engineers developed Stealth™, the ideal and powerful boiler control that’s
simple to use yet encompasses exceptionally sophisticated features.

Mechanics love Stealth™! Stealth™ provides full control of the system right in the boiler
room. As for building managers, they eagerly demand Stealth™ for their buildings thanks
to its host of high-tech features, brand new e-Lert structure, newly configured
cycle format, and industry-leading security.


Here’s a sampling of what you can expect from the ultimate boiler control

Stealth’s™ hardware and software have been designed together by EnTech. We’ve written every string of code to provide the best system for heat control. Even the wiring was designed for the most efficient performance possible.

Stealth™ can run wirelessly over your building’s Wi-Fi network. Password protection and a suite of security features ensure that only authorized personnel gain access. For clients that prefer a hardwired connection, each Stealth includes a standard Ethernet port.

Stealth™ makes all information readily available both online and right in the boiler room. Mechanics love it for this reason! Enjoy full access, change settings, view building and heating data, and monitor e-lerts.

Stealth™ can call for heat on a fully customizable combination of out and space sensors, with the option of adding pressure, and return sensors’ data into the mix. This allows for far greater granular control.

Stealth’s™ powerful mobile app offers a snapshot of your entire portfolio. Tap on a building’s thumbnail, and you’ll be taken to the Stealth™ dashboard for detailed building information such as: aqua, DHW, coil, return, supply, and outdoor temps.

With monitoring points on the coil and DHW lines, Stealth enables you to hone in on trouble areas in the event of inefficient hot water supply.

Its touchscreen interface delivers all critical data at first glance, including: median apartment temperature, information on the boiler status and a warning dashboard. Stealth™ sets a new precedent for interface consistency throughout the boiler room, app and website. Learn it once and be familiar on all platforms.

Stealth™ boasts a cycle structure for steam boilers that is based on the space and out sensors along with your choice of additional factors including timer, return, pressure, or the flame. There are three cycle levels: Trigger, Call and Standby, with an option of Lockout if apartment temperatures are too low. The trigger determines that heat has been established throughout the building before beginning the cycle run.

Plus, stop heat concerns in their tracks. With our 3-tiered heat boost feature, your onsite superintendent can adjust settings as needed without all the guesswork.  Simply select boost, high boost or max boost and trust Stealth to make the magic.

Stealth™ displays the median apartment temperature and information on the boiler status, and even features a warning dashboard. Such readily available information easily informs you of what’s happening in your building.

The brand-new Stealth™ graph features many settings and differential data in the background, providing you with an immediate view into where the temperature needs to be in order to require heat.

Taking hydronic heating to the next level, EnTech’s PID logic self-adjusts the loop temperature based on the indoor response to the heat. No guesswork required; automatic savings.

The days of controlling valves with simple open and close logic are no more. The Stealth hones in on the exact percentage the valve should be opened or closed to maintain the perfect balance between tenant comfort and energy efficiency.

Set it and forget it. With multiple timer options for a manual bypass, mistakenly leaving the boiler running indefinitely is a thing of the past.

We’re bridging the gap between the boiler control and boiler burner. Whether you have one boiler or many, the Stealth communicates with the flame and determines the optimal size for your building’s heat needs.