Let Them Speak For Us

Some impressions from our customers

Before I signed up for the monitoring service I was not clear how you actually assist us with our heating issues during the season. I thought all I had to do was check the temperature of the building and the units and see if the building is calling for heat. Wow was I wrong. Many times I can now call and you give me insight about cycle times, and why I may be having issues with our hot water that I could not have handled on my own.

Shamco Management

The advanced technology and capabilities developed by EnTech and the dedication of the EMS team is unparalleled in the industry. Their web-based system is extremely intuitive and hands-on. I’ve tried others and they are the clear leader. Over this past summer alone, we’ve installed the VR-500 at another handful of our properties and we are in the process of having our entire portfolio gradually converted to EnTech.

Ari Benedict
Benedict Realty Group

"I wanted to express my gratitude on your state of the art EnTech Control and the staff of EnTech. So far it's been wonderful and very helpful. The system itself is amazing. I couldn't have asked for anything more. The convenience and the savings are already showing and I couldn't be happier. I am attaching a newsletter that I distribute to all our residents once a month because I put EnTech in it."    

Haris Radoncic
Fountain Gardens Owners Corp.

"The VR-500 has helped me save time and fuel in many ways. I no longer have to drive to visit my boiler rooms. I get more information about run times and inefficiencies by logging into the web-based program and comparing runtimes, heat distribution and temperature settings. EnTech's Energy Management Service team has alerted me whenever my boilers failed to ignite or when temperatures were either too low or too high, before my tenants ever noticed or complained. The data presented in the summer helped me reduce my water bills by notifying me of excessive runtimes for domestic hot water. In short, I am able to save on energy costs while my tenants are more satisfied and the stress of providing heat in the winter is much easier on me and my staff. I tried for many years to replicate EnTech's methods without success. I am very satisfied with their hardware, service and commitment to communicating with me. Their management and staff are friendly, helpful and truly committed to their clients."  

David Akselrad
Colony Heights